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May 23rd on Kickstarter

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A narrative puzzle adventure  about a missing woman, a nuclear physicist, and Cold War family secrets.

1 to 4 PLAYERS

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“With each new reveal, each exciting detail, and each twist I thought to myself “Gosh, our industry needs a ‘Game of the Year’ award, so Diorama can win it”

– Mairi, The Escape Roomer

The Medusa Report is a cooperative tabletop puzzle game. A treasure trove of touch-real confidential items from a Cold War infiltration mission, like: a real floppy disk in a padded envelope, a detailed military map, old photographs wrapped in blotting paper, a page torn from a book and several highly classified letters.

Investigate the mysterious S.E.A. organization, discover what really happened near Nikitagrad in 1974, and above all: find out where Abigail Vandermist is hiding!


After four long decades serving a secret intelligence agency, an embittered Abigail Vandermist suddenly drops off the map. She has found something out. Something to do with an old rescue mission into the heart of the USSR, a nuclear physicist, and her own enigmatic father.

Meanwhile, Abigail’s sister Helena has been searching for her, ever since her disappearance in 1979. With your help, she was finally getting somewhere. But with Abby on the run, you’re back at square one, and you are not the only ones trying to get to her first…